Personal Shopping Service

Taking the stress out of shopping for busy mums and working professionals in London and Dubai

Do you find shopping overwhelming? Perhaps you’ve gained or lost a few lbs and are unsure how to dress your beautiful new body?

Maybe you’re a victim of ‘fast fashion’ and struggle to find on trend pieces that are still versatile and of a good quality? Or do you make frivolous purchases and never end up wearing them because you have nothing to wear them with?

With my guidance and expertise your personal shopping experience will leave you feeling confident and empowered, rather than confused and overwhelmed.

Whether we are shopping for an event, seasonal update or total wardrobe overhaul, you can be safe in the knowledge we will only be selecting pieces that are not only flattering and suited to your personal body shape and skin tone, but also versatile and of a fabulous quality so that they can be worn for years to come!

What your personal shopping service includes.

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*includes 1-2 hours of pre shop I will perform alone.

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