New Hermes Colors S/S 2021 Part 1

July 20, 2021

With Hermès ever changing Hermes colour collection, I wanted to shed some light on the colours you should expect to see in 2021. Pink is playing a huge huge role this year in our wardrobes, from the likes of high street holy grail brands like Zara to luxury high end labels like Valentino, and Hermès is no exception. This year we’ve been inundated with beautiful shades of pink from the French fashion house. Another colour Hermès has honed in on is green. From bright poppy ‘menthe’ to a softer blue undertoned ‘vert jade’ – a colour I was incredibly lucky to get in a beautiful Kelly 25, which you can see featured on my IG page @closettherapyla.

Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

Chocolat is in my opinion (after your classic neutrals) a pretty staple colour. In a Birkin with gold hardware it looks beautiful, and to keep it looking young and fun opt for a size 25. Anything above 30 gives off a far more mature vibe.

Next up let’s take a look at the pinks (my personal favourite colour this year).

Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

I’m totally in love with the ‘rose azalee’. It’s such an incredibly versatile colour. In my opinion I think it looks best on the Kelly, however, it looks amazing with both gold and palladium hardware, and in a 32 all the way down to a 15. 

Tip; if asking your SA, or walking into a Hermès store for the first time and you’re after a kelly in pink, this is a fantastic colour to ask after. Unfortunately you can’t always be lucky enough to state the exact colour, shade, hardware, size and leather you’re looking for and actually wind up getting it. Chances are if you’re fortunate enough to be offered the colour you requested, the size or hardware won’t be what you’d envisioned, and with many of the Hermès colours it’s imperative to pair the colour to the correct hardware. The hardware/leather can really effect the overall colour of the bag. Sometimes it totally dulls down the colour, or worse clashes! The ‘rose azalee’ looks stunning in both gold and palladium.. palladium offsets that girlie feel, making it feel slightly edgier and the gold gives a very feminine, soft finish. This runs true with the sizing also.. 32/28 looks incredible as a summer day bag, and 15 makes the perfect dinner companion. Either way you really can’t go wrong with ‘rose azalee’.

Rose azalee seen with palladium hardware –

Next are our Pantone colours of the year..
Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

Both ‘gris perle’ and ‘gris mouette’ are a great homage to the Pantone colour of the year ‘ultimate gray’, and from bellows collection you’ll find illuminating’s doppelgänger in ‘jaune poussin’.

Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

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New Hermes Colors S/S 2021 Part 1
With Hermès ever changing Hermes colour collection, I wanted to shed some light on the colours you should...
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